TRETTITRE Portable Bluetooth CD Music Player

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CD Playback with Timeless Charm

Take a journey back to the era of physical music media with the built-in CD player of the TRETTITRE device. Dust off your cherished CD collection and enjoy the warm, authentic sound of your favorite tracks. Whether it's your treasured mixtapes or classic albums, this player ensures that your CDs are brought to life with every note and melody.



Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Embrace the modern age without letting go of your love for CDs. The TRETTITRE Music Player features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Stream your digital music library, online playlists, or music streaming services directly to the player, amplifying your choices and giving new life to your music collection.



Immersive Audio Experience

Experience your music with enhanced clarity and depth. The TRETTITRE Music Player is equipped with high-quality audio components that deliver rich, full-range sound. From the subtle nuances of acoustic melodies to the energetic beats of your favorite tracks, every detail is faithfully reproduced, ensuring an immersive and satisfying listening experience.


User-Friendly Interface

Navigating your music has never been easier. The intuitive interface of the TRETTITRE Music Player allows you to effortlessly switch between CD playback and Bluetooth mode. The clear display provides track information, time, and playback status, ensuring you're always in control of your music experience.



  • Sound Mode: Stereo sound mode
  • Use: Home
  • Sensitivity: 0dB

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